In our increasingly wired and wireless world, how can we use technology to improve health? This was the hot topic sparking debate on October 16, 2012, at a Café Scientifique in Vancouver.

With about 40 people in the room, another 40 people participating via live stream, and an active Twitter feed projected on the wall, this Café was a glimpse into the future of healthcare and arthritis management in a digital world.

The Café Scientifique on Arthritis Management in a Digital World on October 16th in Vancouver.

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Antiretroviral drugs may have reduced HIV/AIDS from a death sentence to a chronic health condition, but the disease continues to spread and claim lives around the globe. Health researchers are searching for better treatments, an HIV vaccine, and perhaps even a cure.

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Despite some last minute complications, including public transit disruptions caused by Hurricane Sandy, the October 30th Café Scientifique in Toronto on evidence-informed health care was a success! We had a room full of interested audience members and a panel of enthusiastic presenters, including one policy maker. The panelists started the evening with presentations that offered up ideas on how to tap into innovation to improve health care and the health care system while reducing costs, and how to unlock the value that exists within our current system to make it more efficient and affordable.  

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Antiretroviral drug therapy has changed the way we perceive HIV/AIDS. Although the pandemic rages on around the globe, people receiving proper treatment can lead virtually normal lives. But not everyone has access to these life-saving medications, and even those who do must live with side-effects and AIDS-related complications.


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Want to learn more about the kinds of research that are helping us build a more evidence-based health care system?

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What do you think?

How can new e-health technologies strengthen Canada’s health care system?

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